Brush Cleaning Essentials

  1. WATER – I prefer warm water.
  2. MAC BRUSH CLEANSER – My favorite! The consistency of this cleanser is very thin, making it easy to wash out and not sticky. Johnson’s baby shampoo is an inexpensive alternative, but I find the thicker, soapy consistency harder to wash out.
  3. SIGMA SPA BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE – At first glance this seems strange, but it really works! The glove is made up of different textures for different size brushes. It also washes, rinses and refines bristles. Plus it keeps your hands clean!
  4. TOWEL – I like to soak up extra water with a wash cloth or towel and I leave my brushes laying down to dry overnight. You can also use a brush stand so that the bristles drain downwards. Never place brushes upright to dry.

I have an enormous obsession with makeup brushes {as I do with many other beauty products}. The more luxurious the brush, the more enjoyable makeup application becomes. The options are endless and new brush brands seem to pop up every day. The downside to owning and using numerous brushes, for me, is cleaning. I have to say I am quite negligent when it comes to washing my makeup brushes every week. I equate the process to vacuuming or cleaning the tub – and if you know me these are tasks I wish did not exist! Nevertheless, the shampooing, rinsing, and drying is inevitable, and essential. Cleaning your brushes ensures you aren’t depositing old makeup onto your skin and keeps breakouts at bay.


  1. WATER – First, I run my brush under warm water.
  2. CLEANSER – Second, I squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto the brush. If you poor a thin cleanser onto the glove itself, it will run off.
  3. SPA GLOVE – I use the wash section of my spa glove running the bristles side to side getting out all of the excess makeup. You may have to repeat steps 1-3 several times if your brush is really dirty. 
  4. RINSE – Once your brush is nice and clean, give it a good rinse to get out all of the cleanser and soapy residue.
  5. DRAIN – Using the side of my spa glove I squeeze the bristles of my brush together to drain out all of the water. squeezing in the natural direction of the bristles. You can also do this by hand.
  6. REFINE – Before I dry my brushes I run them lightly along the refine section of my glove, which is made up of tiny bumps that help to reshape your brush.
  7. DRY – Lastly I pat my brushes dry on a wash cloth or towel and leave them on their side until fully dry. This takes several hours, especially for synthetic brushes. I find that real hair brushes dry faster {and are much easier to clean}.
It’s always a good idea to use a brush cleaner spray or even your cleanser for spot cleaning daily. Simply place some of the cleaner/cleanser on a wash cloth and gently run your brush in a sideways motion through the solution until clean. 
Happy Cleaning! 
XO Amanda