Favorite Razor
It’s hard to believe it’s already Tuesday. The weekend flew past – between working, venue shopping, and the daily chores I was unable to post Sunday and Monday – but here we are! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite shower accessories {my razor}.

For the past couple months I have suffered from worse than usual razor burn on my legs, even if I moisturized directly after showering. I had almost given up hope of finding a razor or a shaving cream and would save me from these red, itchy, ugly bumps. My mom had suggested a razor long, long ago, that I just couldn’t convince myself to buy. One day while on one of my many CVS shopping trips, the box caught my eye {it was labelled “sensitive”}. At this point I had no other options and opted to, once again, buy a new cool razor.

To my joy and astonishment, the Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Razor, was by far the best and most user-friendly razor I have ever tried. The razor itself if surrounded by a solid shaving cream – so instead of lathering your body before shaving, the razor is 2-in-1. Thank goodness!

The downside: Because the razor is surrounded by an unprotected solid shaving cream {and your razor usually sits in the shower}, the shaving solid quickly disappears, and as we all probably know, razors are way too expensive! But, until I find something new, the razors, to me, are worth repurchasing!
Schick Razor
XO Amanda