Lime Crime Lipsticks

Time to paint on your Pretty Pout!

The three colors I own are above:
  1. Babette – Pinky Nude. The newest color from the Lime Crime family. I was slightly disappointed, not in the quality, but in the fact that this color was nothing like the picture when I put it on my lips. I even purchased a nude liner to fill in my lips first, and still…not the same. The color is pretty, but not what I really wanted – very similar to Coquette.
  2. Coquette – Orangey Nude. Best work color in my opinion!
  3. Great Pink Planet – Barbie Pink. My personal favorite! The truest Barbie pink I’ve ever found. A great color to brighten up your lips for summer!
And can we take a moment to drool over the packaging? Purple unicorns!?
Hello Beautiful!
If you regularly immerse yourself in the world of beauty blogging and lipstick buying, you’ve probably heard the name – LIME CRIME. Lime Crime is a beauty company that sells a variety of products {lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish and more}. The company was started by Doe Deere, who took the path less traveled into a world of bright colors and creativity. Her products are well worth the money and a quality all their own.
You are mistaken if you think a lipstick is “just a lipstick.” The quality and ingredients placed into your favorite mouthy treat will either wow you or fall flat. Not to say there aren’t many great drugstore lipsticks out there…there are. But, in my book, many of the higher end still prevail.
Lime Crime is no exception to great quality and pigmentation. The opaque lipsticks, of which I own three, will wow you! They glide on smooth as butter, and the color payoff is baffling. In my opinion, great for play and for parties, not always the best for the corporate work environment. I say this because the pigmentation is so great, it will pull noticeable attention to your lips.
XO Amanda