Happy Summer! You may have been fooled by the summer-like weather the past couple weeks, but today is officially the beginning! Summer brings many things – the pool, vacation, warm weather and a beautiful tan. I used to yearn for a darker complexion or at least skin that would easily tan. Unfortunately, tanning for me is a difficult and long process. Not to mention, tanning is horrible for your skin, no matter your skin type. Sadly, I went through the “tanning bed” phase for several summers, and I so regret that decision. There are so many ways to achieve a gorgeous tan {year round} without baking your skin. Trust me, I enjoy a lake day as much as the next girl, and yes, I still naturally tan in the sun, but not without SPF 30+. My lake days and beach vacations are sparse due to a strenuous full-time work schedule, and a sporadic part-time work schedule.

Thankfully, SPRAY TANNING is the best and most wonderful alternative!
Morning after spray tan with San Tan’s Whitney Combs, my personal tanning technician!

I actually got my first spray tan in high school. It was one of the original spray machines and boy did I get dark! I had no idea what I was doing and ended up way too tan and definitely splotchy. Since then, I have spray tanned numerous times for college occasions, and now weekly to keep a healthy glow. If you’ve never spray tanned before it may seem like a strange concept and there is an “art” to spraying. The tips I have learned over the years are below:

  1. Whitney says Always shave and exfoliate the night before.” You want your skin to be smooth and hairless before taking on several sprays of color. This also keeps you from shaving the next day, which will take off some of the color.
  2. Moisturize! The night before, after you shower, moisturize your skin and face so that you won’t have dry spots the next day. I recommend Body Shop’s Body Butter – the moisture will literally last you all day!
  3. The day of, DO NOT MOISTURIZE. You don’t want any deodorant or lotion on your skin.
  4. Try a tan extender. Tan extender’s are a specially formulated lotion you coat on your skin 60 seconds before spray tanning. Your tan will last longer and some even keep you from having that spray tan smell.
  5. Completely dry before getting dressed. The worst thing you can do is put on clothing while still wet from a spray tan. This can cause weird streaking and you will get the solution on your clothes.
  6. DO NOT GET WET FOR 6-8 HOURS. Absolutely do not shower or swim or get stuck in a rain storm {yes, this did happen to me} for 6-8 hours. I usually spray tan after work, and I don’t shower until the next morning. Don’t worry, you will have some spray tan come off in the shower, but that is completely normal.
  7. Whitney says, “Moisturize after showering!” Moisturizing once you have showered will help your spray tan last. Make sure to moisturize every day.
  8. Enjoy your tan! – see below for some spray tan essentials.

Spray Tanning Essentials

  1. Sephora Collection Everything Under the Sun Tanning Set – If you self spray, spray in a stand up machine, or get sprayed by a technician this is a must! Comes with a quality spray tanning mitt {so much better than your hands}, an exfoliating mitt and a white sponge to get rid of “mistakes.”
  2. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse – My favorite at home tanning mousse. The mousse goes on smoother and easier than a traditional lotion and the St. Tropez color and formula is far superior to most – this will turn you golden brown, not orange. I also use this in between sprays with my technician.
  3. See below for a special spotlight!
San Tan Whitney Combs
I cannot say enough good things about San Tan’s Whitney Combs. Whitney and I met through Pure Barre and quickly became friends through beauty products and tanning. Whitney started an at home spray tanning business through San Tan and I just had to make an appointment! I have spray tanned via tanning technician for quite a while, while living in Kentucky. So I’ve had my fair share of great spray tans and, well, bad spray tans – my girlfriends can attest. 
With full honesty and to my amazement, my spray tan with Whitney may be the best I have ever had!
She treated me to a pre-treatment spray, then a specially formulated spray based off of my color request, and lastly a moisturizing spray to help my tan last longer. She graciously dried me with cool air and even powdered creases so that my tan would stay even. The next morning I was so incredibly pleased! The most wonderful color pay-off {not too dark, not too orange}. Even my fiance commented on how nice my tan looked – which to me speaks volumes.
So to all my Southwest Virginian ladies out there, I highly recommend Whitney for all of your spray tanning needs. To learn more about her services, discounts, and pricing please visit her here.
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XO Amanda