Hairspray Favs

The bigger the hair, the higher to heaven. Or so they say. I lived in Texas for only a year as a little girl, but I definitely drank the high hair Koolaid. Much to my mother’s dismay, I love me some big teased hair! In college, girls always used to ask me about my bump-it. What bump-it!? That’s all teasing & good hairspray! My hair is very thick and coarse, which helps in the realm of teasing, but many days my hair is too heavy to hold the lift. So when I visit my hairstylist for a cut & color, I always have her razor the crown of my hair. This does wonders! But even after teasing and razoring, it feels like the hunt for the “perfect” hairspray is a never-ending adventure. Even after years of ballet, where you basically freeze your hair to your head, I’m still scouring the aisles at the drugstore. I do have several favorites that I feel are worth mentioning and I’m sure you’ll love too! My top three are mentioned above and here is why they made the cut:
[1] A couple years ago I tried Elnett by Loreal Paris {after reading rave reviews}. For one reason or another I wasn’t much of a fan. Last week, after watching YouTube beauty guru Alexandrea Garza’s video on Lilly Ghalichi inspired curls {she used Elnett to set her curls}, I just had to give it another try. So far I am really impressed. I got the NEW unscented version and I think it’s made all the difference to my initial aversion. The hairspray is so light, but still holds, leaving hair feeling soft and clean. Plus it costs less than many other brands at $15. 
[2] Bed Head’s Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray is by far my FAVORITE. I’ve used this hairspray for several years, ever since my good friend, and hairstylist Lauren, turned me on to it. It smells like candy and holds like a dream. If you don’t like thick hairsprays with extra hold, this probably won’t be your first choice. But if you want your hairstyle to stay in place all day, this is the one for you! Even though the hold is strong and the texture is a bit stiff – you’d never know it by looking. 
[3] The third high hair pick is the OGX Elevated Finish Spray. The color of the bottle originally caught my eye. I love the smell of my shampoo from OGX so much that I couldn’t help myself and quickly snatched it off the shelf. I am quite pleased with the smell and the formula. The hold is not too strong and not too light, but does leave more residue than Loreal’s Elnett. 
So grab your teasing comb, channel your inner southern lady & spray spray away! 
XO Amanda