So I may have missed the boat initially on the Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms, and originally I wasn’t sure how I felt, but after further review – I’m a fan! The lip crayon craze has been popular for quite a while and for good reason. The shape and consistency makes them easy and fun to apply. As usual, I gravitated towards the light pink, nude, and surprisingly a {bright magenta}. I purchased DEMURE {light pink lacquer} & COMPLEX {nude} & WHIMSICAL {magenta}. If you haven’t tried a lacquer or matte balm you’re missing out! The lacquer balm has a beautiful sheen without the addition of a lipgloss, while the matte balm is, well, matte, but doesn’t dry out the lips.
Please comment below and let me know your favorite Revlon Balm!
XO Amanda