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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Glam Glow SUPERMUD
  Glam Glow THIRSTYMUD  Dior Creme de Rose

Usually I love my skin.

This week I hate my skin.

 Bad weather, stress, hormones, junk food, and a lack of water are several reasons for my scary skin lately. I feel fortunate to have normal skin {not too oily, not too dry} and I rarely have a bad break out. BUT now that I’m 25 years old, I feel like my skin is changing. After moving from Kentucky to Virginia last year, I automatically saw a difference in the texture and clarity. I’m sure the combination of a new climate and also the stress of moving didn’t help, but now I’m completely settled, so what is the deal?! My continuous lack of sleep, due to a full-time job, part-time job, blog, puppy, wedding planning, and a very full social schedule keeps me up until all hours of the night. I also enjoy an occasional {or daily} sweet treat. I have the worst sweet tooth in the world for Oreos, turtle chocolates, and I’m quite the cupcake connoisseur. Pair this with inadequate hydration, girly issues and bad weather. What do you have? The perfect skin storm! I’ve listed four of my favorite and well-tested products that come to my rescue when my skin lashes out. They are all well worth the $$$ and will help change the way you see your skin.

Here are the reasons why:

[1] Drying Lotion – Best product I’ve ever used on break outs for spot treatments. The formula may sting at first, but it quickly dries to a white paste, and when left on overnight is like magic! For $17 this is a must have! I purchased mine at Ulta.

[2] SUPERMUD – Oh goodness! Best mask ever – it uses charcoal to pull impurities out of your skin within 20 minutes. As the mask dries into a lighter grey color you will watch and your pores expel dirt! This product is pricey, but definitely something to save up for.

[3] THIRSTYMUD – The big sister to SUPERMUD. If you are in need of intense hydration, but don’t want to clog your pores – and you want it to smell like coconuts – you need THIRSTYMUD. I am extremely picky about moisturizers and overnight creams, but this one is a winner.

[4] Creme de Rose – Perfection. You wonder how a lip balm can be so amazing {and pricey}. I spent weeks and weeks listening to YouTubbers and bloggers rave about Dior’s Creme de Rose and how it made lips smoother, plumper, more luxurious. I finally caved to the beauty voice in my head & my dollars were very well spent. I put on this lip balm every night before bed and in the morning my lips feel new and refreshed {and ready for lipstick}! The smell of roses is intoxicating and the texture is buttery soft.

As a follow up to this blog post I may also share my favorite concealers and cover up tools for break outs. Please let me know by commenting below if you are interested! 

XO Amanda