Heartfelt Shades
No need to be heartbroken over the price – $12 from ALDO.

When it comes to trendy accessories and fun days out on the water, you may want to think twice before forking over a ton of cash. Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes – round, square, wide, thin, oval, and even {heart shaped}. This post was inspired by my current sunny favs – a pair of cheetah print shades called the Demarini, also from ALDO. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, they are no longer selling online. While scouring the site to find them, I came upon this pair, called the JOYCEANNE, and fell in love. I’ve never tried strangely shaped sun wear before, but I think I just might!  Besides the fact they are cute, ALDO sells some of the best sunglasses at a low price. They look like a million dollars, and last for quite some time. I highly recommend you give them a try!
Tell me what trend you are hoping to try!

XO Amanda