To me, there’s nothing better than mixing silver, gold & glitter. Like most SBG items, you can dress these pieces up or down – by adding more glitz or keeping it simple. Today’s Fancy Friday features some of my favorite pieces that I mix and match on a regular basis. Bracelets featured are here, here & here. State necklace is here and earrings here. Remember to check out Pardon Muah’s Perfect Picks!

If you haven’t already seen on Instagram. Facebook or YouTube, Southern Belle Glitz has teamed up with well known YouTuber Ciaoobelllaxo & Jordan Cheyenne for a HUGE giveaway! You can watch Ciaoobelllaxos’s video here & Jordan Cheyenne’s here OR you can watch both on the homepage of SBG. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to win some amazing glitz!
Southern Belle Glitz has also teamed up with Twirl Boutique to present Sparkle Party. 
Sparkle Party

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XO Amanda