Flash Tattoos

If you haven’t already heard about them or seen them, FLASH TATTOOS are all the rage! I’ve seen them all over Instagram and all over YouTube. They are jewelry inspired temporary tattoos for fashionistas everywhere and are designed to last 4-6 days. Remember when press on tattoos were the coolest thing in elementary school!? It seems you’ll find the same amusement and pleasure in Flash Tats. The colors are black, silver and gold which look quite luxurious and beautiful on the skin. My biggest problem…which ones to choose!? I think these would be beautiful next year on my honeymoon – hopefully while I lay on the beach with a fruity drink in my hand. You can even wear the bracelets to work, since from afar they don’t even look like a tattoo. To learn all of the details about ordering, caring for your tattoo, etc. visit here.
If you’ve tried Flash Tats please let me know below in the comments! 
What trends are you trying this Tuesday?
XO Amanda