Okay ladies! As amazing and fun as putting on your makeup can be, it can be even better when you take it all off. There’s nothing like having a clean, fresh face in the morning and at night. I always try to take off every bit of makeup before going to bed – no matter what. After Jaclyn Hill talked about never missing a night of washing her face I made it a rule for myself. I even took my makeup removing wipes camping {and yes I did wear a tiny bit of makeup while roughing it}. This also keeps your sheets and pillow cases clean – especially if you love all white bedding like I do! 
The BEST, and I mean BEST makeup removing wipes I have ever used are MAC’s Wipes. These things are amazing! I doubt you will ever need to use two to get all of your makeup off, even if you cake it on. These are the wettest and most powerful removing wipes I have ever tried, and I have tried all sorts. I find every other brand of wipe to either irritate my skin or to be too dry. And the best part is that you can buy 100 for $29! I think that’s an awesome deal and they will last you 100 days!
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