What is the natural color of my hair?
The current color of my hair is almost an exact match to my natural color, with the exception of my buttery highlights – that I love! I’ve always had bleach blonde highlights, but I’m loving a more buttery color for fall.

What is the texture of my hair?
My hair is very thick, frizzy and what I would consider coarse. My mom and I have an almost identical hair type. In an effort to downsize the poof, I get the under side of the crown of my hair razor cut so that I can tease my locks without all the weight. I don’t razor the sides though, because I think it makes my hair look too thin when it grows out. 

Naturally straight or curly/wavy?
Curly/wavy. When I was younger I had bright blonde ringlets and now it is much darker and much more wavy.

Do you have a specific hair care routine?
Wash. Brush. Use Macadamia Nourishing Leave-in Cream. Let hair air dry as long as possible. Blow dry using paddle brush. Straighten or Straighten & Curl. Use hair oil to minimize frizz.

How long did it take me to grow out my hair this long?
When I moved in May of 2013 my hair touched the top of my shoulders. Today, my hair, when straight, comes down passed my chest! I have always had very long hair, except when I cut it off for Locks of Love several years ago.

Any tips for others who want to grow out their hair?
Always use a heat protectant, don’t over color, don’t use too much bleach, give your hair days where you wear it in it’s natural state, and I’ve also heard Biotin works for hair growth, but make sure to check with your hairstylist what works best for your hair type. A lot of hair growth has to do with genetics. I’ve always had nails and hair that grow very fast and my mom is the same way.

What shampoo & conditioner do I use?
Keratin Complex Shampoo & Conditioner – my bottles are actually silver, which may be newer packaging. The smell is also way yummier than the original.

What types of hair brush/comb do I use?
CHI Air Brush {got this at TJ Maxx}
Cricket Carbon Comb {the best comb ever}. Since it is made of carbon, it is melt proof! So you can use it while straightening and it won’t wilt. I got mine at a beauty supply store.

What type of blow dryer to I use?
I use a CHI blow dryer that I’ve had for YEARS. The best blow dryer ever. I couldn’t find an exact match, but how awesome is this CHI.

What type of flat iron do I use?
GHD. I went through 3 CHIs before realizing they just weren’t lasting long enough. I love love love my GHD and would purchase another in a heart beat.

Favorite flat iron spray?
CHI 44 Iron Guard

Favorite hair curling tool?
Nume curling wand 25MM
Favorite hair spray?
Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented Hairspray 

Favorite thickening spray?
Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Thickening Spray. This stuff is amazing – definitely worth the 20 some dollars it costs. I always use this when using my curling wand.

Favorite hair oil?
Original Moroccan Oil. So good!

How long does it take me to do my hair – shower to finish?
Sadly, over an hour. If I need to shampoo, condition, shave, exfoliate, blow dry, straighten & curl, we are talking quite a while! Plus my hair takes forever to dry. I usually have to plan ahead before washing & styling my hair and I always do it at night, because I don’t have time in the morning.

How often do I wash my hair?
I usually wash my hair twice a week. My hair takes a long time to get greasy {thank goodness} even with product and hair spray. It is actually much better for your hair to wash less often.

How do I get Voluminous Curls?
I always use my straightener even when using my curling wand. I straighten the top 1/4 of my hair so that it is smooth and all the stray aways are in place. Then I use my curling wand, waiting to brush out the curls until after they are completely cool. Once cool I brush them out with my paddle brush, tease, tease, tease and hairspray. I also use some hair oil on the ends by scrunching into the bottom of my hair.

Who cuts & colors my hair?
Lexington, Kentucky – Brittney Groneck Miles Salon & Spray Tanning
Northern Kentucky – Lauren Hale The Color Room
Virginia – Shelley Adams Bang It’s A Hair Thing
These ladies are amazing at what they do!

If I forgot anything please let me know! I know this post was super lengthy, but there were a lot of questions to answer and there are so many hair products that serve so many purposes.

I know I didn’t talk about my natural hair, but I’m saving that post for another day!

XO Amanda