Loreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer & Blush
As always, I couldn’t help but scan the beauty aisles of CVS while I was making a trip to pick up a prescription – it sucks me in so easily! I’ve seen some beauty gurus mention Loreal’s Visible Lift Blur line, but hadn’t ventured out to try any of the products. The concealer and the blush both caught my eye. I’ve become quite the concealer connoisseur and decided to give the Blur Concealer in 301 Fair {the lightest shade} a try. The second item I picked up was the Blur Blush in 501 Soft Peach. The name itself won me over, as well as the pretty pink and gold packaging. I’m normally not a liquid blush gal, but I was interested in testing out the consistency.
Blur Concealer 301 Fair
I can honestly say this is an amazing concealer. I’ve been wearing it for several weeks and am so impressed! I put this on in the morning {set it with a powder} and the product stays on all day. No creasing, no smearing. The color is not too white so it creates a flawless finish, seriously blurring in the skin. Blur is the perfect description!
Blur Blush 501 Soft Peach
I have to say the concealer is definitely my favorite of the two, but the blush was unexpectedly gorgeous! I didn’t expect the product to be so silky smooth and to blend so seamlessly into my cheeks. It isn’t sticky so the product blends beautifully! The color is also a winner. It is soft in color, but it keeps you from over applying and allows for extra application.
Let me know if you’ve tried any other products from Loreal’s Visible Blur line!

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