Luscious – {having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste // richly opulent}
YSL’s gorgeous Gloss Volupte in #20 Nude Carat has a luscious & luxurious quality. And the smell! Oh, wonderful. Like most YSL beauty products, this gloss smells like candy and is extremely pleasant to wear. The consistency is very silky and sheer. If you’re looking for a long wearing or thick gloss, this one isn’t for you. The silkiness of the formula and the sheerness prevent this product from staying on during eating or drinking. To me, that’s not a deterrent, because I have plenty of sticky, pigmented lip glosses. It’s nice to have something more sheer for a change – and when worn at work I don’t have to worry about overdoing my application. 
The color I chose is a nude with a golden shimmer. The nude coloring is more brown based, but sheer enough that it pairs pretty with fair skin. The collection of glosses as a whole are rather sheer, but there are plenty of bright shades for a whole spectrum of skin tones. 
If you haven’t tried any of YSL’s beauty products you definitely should! The brand may be my all time favorite. If you’ve tried any other Gloss Volupte colors that you recommend please let me know!
XO Amanda