Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender Original
Oh the Beauty Blender! So many uses, making blending a breeze!
Of the mommy & baby blenders, this is my favorite by far. As long as you have a sink available the Beauty Blender works wonders for foundation & concealer. It smooths out all of the lines you might get from using a brush and keeps your product from looking too cakey. If you’ve never used a BB before here is what you do:
Step 1: Hold BB under running water
Step 2: Squeeze out excess water so that BB is damp
Step 3: Dip into foundation or concealer
(or place product on face before blending)
Voila! Flawless face!
Baby Blender (micro mini)
Use the steps above for the teeny tiny baby micro mini BB. Okay, the honest truth is that I don’t think this doo-dad (such fancy language) is necessary. It’s so incredibly small that one, it’s a wonder I haven’t lost it or that Heidi hasn’t eaten it, and two it takes me a lot longer to blend in concealer. Yes, it gets into smaller creases, but the tip of the regular BB seems to do just the trick! BUT if you’re looking to add a new tool to your beauty arsenal then definitely give it a try for yourself.
I’m sure many of you are using your Beauty Blenders tonight for your New Year’s Eve makeup! I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful looks via social media. Drink some bubbly & be safe!
XO Amanda