Christmas Wish List

This year’s Christmas wish list is rather short & filled with pricier, much more needed items. Unfortunately, my MacBook Pro which I love is running slow due to the lack of RAM and I use it all the time (to blog blog blog), so it’s time to upgrade to the MacBook Air. I also take my computer when I travel and the newer laptops are much more portable and easy tote along. I’m also asking for the new Skylar Michael Kors watch with the green face. I have been absolutely obsessed for months and figured why not ask for it so that I don’t have to purchase myself! Plus, my favorite blogger The Sweetest Thing has been wearing it in her posts and convinced me that I also need to own it. Next, I am NOT asking for a new car – wouldn’t that be nice! I recently had to put new tires on my precious little car and those things don’t come cheap. I was shocked! SO, I’m just asking for money to put back into savings. Lastly, I’m asking for makeup items I use frequently or gift cards to fund my sickness habit.

Let me know what items you’re wishing for this holiday season!

XO Amanda