Call me crazy, but until recently, I never used a face primer.
I didn’t really understand the point and didn’t feel as though it would make a difference. Today, I use a primer every morning after my moisturizer and before my foundation. During the summer I might even skip the moisturizer! I use my fingers to apply the primer to my t-zone while rubbing the excess over my entire face. You will feel a bit of tacky feeling once applied, which helps the foundation to adhere and stay. I try to apply my foundation immediately after my primer for a longer lasting effect. I have a couple current favorites.
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil Free
(1.7 fl. oz. $33, lightweight, creamy gel)
I’ve been obsessed with Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer. For me, it doubles as a moisturizer, as it’s a lovely milky formula. It is easy to apply, clear in color and has never irritated my skin or clogged my pores. I always choose oil free when possible, because I have very sensitive skin. If I could only pick one primer, this would be the one. You can even buy the 1 oz. version for $19.50!
Dior Glow Maximizer Primer
(1 fl. oz. $42, luminous effect)
Okay, let me start by saying, if you don’t like shimmer or a champagne gold effect, you won’t like this primer. BUT, if you love luminous skin you will love this primer! The color, as I just stated it similar to a rose gold/champage gold and when mixed with your normal foundation, creates a beautiful, and noticeable glow. This primer is great for sculpting the face and amplifying radiance.
MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere {Radiant Pink}
(1.7 fl. oz. $41, silky gel with Vitamins E & C and caffeine)
For MAC, this primer is rather expensive, but many of their skin care items are. Luckily, their skin care products are usually amazing and worth the price. Especially since they are loaded with lots of good things for your skin such as antioxidants and vitamins. The primer comes in Radiant Pink and Radiant Yellow. I always prefer pink toned products, although once on the skin you really can’t tell much of a difference. This product, much like Laura Mercier’s has never broken out my skin and is much like a moisturizer in texture which hydrates while it primes.
XO Amanda