Best Liquid Liner

Best liquid eyeliner EVER!

I cannot say enough good things about KatVonD’s Ink Eyeliner. I purchased this recently after watching several YouTubers talk about how good it is. That’sHeart, one of my favorite beauty gurus used to love Loreal’s Intense Liquid Brush Tip Eyeliner, just like me! I’ve posted about it before and it’s a great drugstore eyeliner, but I noticed that after long days of wear, the matte finish would start to look shiny and the product would start to crack. SO, while at Sephora in Kentucky I picked up KatVonD’s Ink Eyeliner, which is also a felt tip and I’ve fallen in love.

If you love liquid or felt tip liners you need this in your life!

The reason I love it so much is (1) the finish stays matte all day long and looks as good at 10pm as it did at 8am (2) the felt tip doesn’t bend so your line is ridiculously precise (3) the color comes out evenly and dark during your application – no additional shaking needed (4) it’s $18, which is a steal for this kind of quality.

I’m not sure how long the liner lasts as this is my first one, but I can honestly say I may never use another liquid eyeliner again!

Have a wonderful hump day!

XO Amanda