Lately, I’ve been using a lot of the same products each and every morning.
My work makeup routine is pretty much a science for me at this point and I usually don’t get up until the last second, so once I do there isn’t a lot of time to peruse my makeup collection and take my sweet time. SO – I would say I consistently take around 15 minutes to do my makeup every morning. Some people may debate me on this, but I really do. A huge time saver for me is having the products picked out and ready to go. I have a three drawer unit in my bathroom and all of my makeup I plan to use goes in the top drawer, along with my makeup brushes. Sometimes I even pull things out the night before, leaving them on the counter in the order I’m going to use them. 
Trust me, I truly enjoy getting ready at a glacial pace, taking lots & lots of time to perfect my makeup, but Monday – Friday that’s just not going to happen (if i want any sleep). Below are the products I’ve been using. Remember, I work in a corporate environment so I have to keep things fairly light and conservative. I still give myself a slight wing and lots of mascara, but I rarely use eye shadow and I leave the bright lipstick at home. 

Blush // Highlighter // Eyeliner // Lower Lash Mascara

Upper Lash Mascara // Inner Eye Highlight // Setting Spray // Lip Gloss

15 Minute Routine #1
15 Minute Makeup #2
15 Minute Makeup #3
15 Minute Makeup #4
XO Amanda