Valentine's Gifts For Her
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Okay ladies it’s that time of year again.
Candy hearts, chocolate kisses, roses, sweet cards and a lot of pink.

You may already have your pink & red outfit ready to go…or you may be abstaining from Valentine’s Day all together. Trust me, I have had good Valentine’s Days and my fair share of bad ones, but how can you dislike a holiday that is filled with so much pink?! Yes, if you are single it might seem like this holiday wasn’t made for you, but I say that’s silly. Whether you eat a bag of kisses while watching Frozen, you have a sleep over with your single bestie or you have a hot date, enjoy every pink minute!

Heck, buy yourself some new lipgloss and be your own best Valentine. There are so many cute gift ideas you can give to a friend or yourself! Some of my favorites are above.

XO Amanda