Curly Pudding

Let’s talk curls curls curls!

This is the BEST – I said BEST curl cream of all time! I have naturally curly hair (the picture above is my hair when it air dries) and I have tried curl cream after curl cream after curl mousse and nothing ever satisfied my curl craving…until I tried Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I saw this product on display at Target and decided to give it a try. I think the main reason I was attracted to it was the delicious grape smell. It’s like candy.

After using the curly pudding I was amazed. I can use a generous amount of the pudding while my hair is damp and it leaves my hair frizz free and so soft. If you have naturally curly hair you’ll completely understand the importance of a curl product that doesn’t leave you with crunchy, stick like curls. Another perk is that you can use additional product after your hair is dry and it still looks amazing. Many times I will wake up, rewet my hair, apply more product and viola!

This product is pricier than the normal drugstore curl cream, but it lasts for a very long time (and I have the smaller size than pictured above). Granted I don’t wear my hair naturally curly as much as I should. Lately, I try to make a conscious effort to let my hair go heat free.

I strongly recommend you try this curly pudding and see for yourself.

Quick tips for naturally curly hair:
1. Don’t brush when wet, scrunch dry with towel
2. While damp scrunch in curly pudding and a frizz cream (I use Macadamia Leave-in Conditioner)
3. Let hair air dry!

XO Amanda