Eye Highlight

I love finding dupes!

Today’s dupe is Bella Chiffon, but first let’s talk about eye highlighting. I love love love a good eye highlight. Basically placing an eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye to brighten and open. I think it makes an enormous difference and it takes two seconds to apply (I usually apply with my finger).

MAC’s Nylon has been a very popular shade with beauty bloggers for a long time and I actually started using this in high school. Recently, I purchased Bella Chiffon from CVS from Milani’s Bella Eyes collection. The formula of this gel powder eye shadow is so smooth and creamy. The shadows are great quality at $4.49 (compared to MAC’s $16).

If you haven’t tried to highlight the inner corners of your eye you need to give it a try and Bella Chiffon is a great product to test out. It’s wonderful on the lid as well, but beautiful as a highlight! 

XO Amanda