Snow, snow, snow, snow, more snow…go away snow!
I love the first two or three weeks of winter. I get to sport my new sweaters and my pretty coats and I get to wear Uggs (probably the best part of winter period). But then I’m done…bored and tired of cold and ready for warm weather, jean shorts and lots of sun. One of my biggest gripes with winter is the fact I have to take so much stuff to work. Because I normally teach at Pure Barre after I leave the office, I have to bring a separate coat, leggings, a top, Uggs, etc. and after a while it’s so annoying.
Today I’m sharing a couple Insta pics from this past snow week. Luckily, I got to spend two days at home working which was amazing – I think Heidi greatly enjoyed not spending time in her crate. I got to wear my pajamas, drink excessive amounts of Keurig coffee and actually got a lot done due to the quiet nature of my apartment. 
I hope that you are enjoying your snow days (unless you’re down south…lucky ladies). I know I’m glad to have the weekend off, because we are expecting even more snow and ice. 
Have a wonderful & warm weekend!
XO Amanda