Best Mascara

I’ve talked about my favorite mascaras several times here on my blog (probably because it’s my favorite and most essential beauty product). Today is not only a spotlight on my favorites, but a mascara combo I cannot live without! 
Dior Addict It-Lash is by far the best mascara for the lower lashes. I’m on my second tube since the summer and it’ll be something I repurchase from Sephora until the day they stop making it (at which time I will break down in tears). I’ve never found another mascara that doesn’t smudge, at some point during the day, below my lash line.
Now, for the upper lashes I use both It-Lash and Le Volume De Chanel mascara. I heard MakeupByTiffanyD (a YouTube beauty guru) talk about this product several times, but never understand the hype behind luxury mascaras. I couldn’t imagine what would be worth spending $30 some dollars. Now I understand. This product thickens lashes like never before – coat lashes, let dry a couple seconds, then coat again (and maybe again if you’re me). Then I use It-Lash to separate and lengthen. Quick tip: when you are done coating your lashes take a freshly dipped mascara wand and coat just the tips of your lashes. It leaves a build-able effect that makes your lashes look super long.

Happy hump day!

XO Amanda