MInt Love

My new favorite color is…drumroll please…

MINT – I mean “hello beautiful!”

Lately, I’ve been exploring colors out of my comfort zone [black, white, navy, blush, nude] and thankfully mint is a color of the season, which means it’s super easy to find. 
Recently, I found these mint towels at Target from the Nate Burkus collection and quickly threw out my old ones. I’ve been on the hunt for towels that match my gold & white bathroom and just couldn’t decide what I wanted until I saw these – it was a light bulb moment.
I also love Essie’s Mint Candy Apple nail polish…but I’ve never really understood the name. I mean it sounds delicious & pretty, but have you ever seen an apple that is mint colored or tasted an apple that is mint in flavor? haha! Aside from it’s interesting name it’s an amazing nail polish. Light enough to still be work appropriate, but fun enough to not be boring.

I’ve also included some items I’m drooling over – Tiek’s mint flats (they are designed to fold up in your purse), Tiffany’s glamorous tortoise & turquoise shades and Tiffany’s pearls (an item I’ve wanted forever, but never seem to buy).

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and I hope your Monday gets the week off to a good start. I usually cross my fingers and hope for the best!

XO Amanda