March Favorites

I think I say this every month (as does every other blogger & YouTubber), but where in the world did March go?! Can you believe today is April 1st?! I mean I welcome the warm weather and the bright sunshine, but I feel like my life is flying past me. I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to live in the moment each day, but it’s really hard when you’re always wishing for the weekend – and the weekends go by even faster! I think part of the problem is that I’m in a very transitional phase of my life. Where I’m still deciding what my dreams are and where to eventually end up and how many morkie puppies I need to start my morkie farm hahah (but seriously). 
This past month I’ve been using a lot of products that I’ve had and loved for quite some time. I haven’t purchased anything new lately as I’m trying to work through what I have and trying to save money (plus I had to pay $700 in taxes this year and a plethora of other essentials…thanks adulthood). My mom would shake her head at me for saying this, but the $700 hurt so much because I thought of all the money I could have put in savings the shoes, clothes and makeup I could have purchased.
Anyhow, on to the goods. Like I said above, I’ve probably discussed several of these products several times in previous posts. Many are essentials and repurchases.

1. NARS Translucent Power Pressed
Okay this is a love. I mean LOVE. I can’t even reach for any other powder in my collection now. This is the only one I use that leaves a beautiful finish, but also leave me nice and matte (but not in a drying way). I’m almost on repurchase number 3 – and this is probably because I use too much. The way the powder is formulated and pressed it’s hard to see how much you are picking up on your brush (especially since it’s translucent). I just go to town swirling my powder brush!

2. Self Tanning Mitt
You’ll never use your hands again. So much easier – it makes self tanning a breeze and soaks up excess product that would normally be left on your skin. You can buy them for around $6 from Sephora or Ulta.

3. Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara
I talked about this recently in a post. Seriously, the ONLY mascara I can use on my bottom lashes that doesn’t transfer or smudge during the day. I don’t even use it on my top lashes anymore so that I don’t run out so quickly (this will also be repurchase #3). Totally worth the $$ trust me.

4. St. Tropez Self-Tanner
The only self-tanner I use. Period, Beautiful. Awesome. Buy it.

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Luminous)
Another must have powder – especially for nay brides out there! This is the most beautiful, glowing, fresh faced, luminous powder ever. And the tone is more beige than white based so it doesn’t create such a stark finish on the skin. I use it all over when I’m self tanning or on the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose and chin if I want a more noticeable highlight.

6. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish (Malibu Peach)

Gorgeous! This is the most beautiful light peach – it reminds me of a peach smoothie or a sweet beachy drink…mmmm! The perfect color for spring and summer and btw they make an identical color in a salon gel polish if you have acrylics.

7. Almond Easter M&M’s
I love almond Hershey’s Kisses, so when I saw that M&M’s had come out with an almond version for Easter I had to have them. They come in the peach packaging and are so tasty!

8. NARS Sheer Glow (Medium2)
This might possible be my favorite foundation of all time. Every time I look in the mirror when wearing this I say, “Wow, my complexion looks good today.” It really does have glowing properties, but I would argue it’s more medium coverage than sheer (which I actually really like).

9. Estee Lauder Double Wear (Desert Beige)  
This foundation is made to be build able and full coverage. Trust me, a little goes a long way. I learned this lesson the hard way and literally wanted to wash my face off all day at work. The coverage is fantastic and the color beautiful. I’m using this on one of my friends who is getting married in May. It doesn’t contain an SPF so it’s great for pictures, because it doesn’t create a white cast on the skin.
10. Market Pantry Raspberry & Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies (Not Pictured)
I found these cookies recently at Target and OMG they are so good. I’ve already gone through three boxes and plan to restock before my parents come this weekend. Entirely addicting and the perfect snack for afternoon (or morning) coffee.

I hope you had a wonderful month of March – here’s to hoping April is even better!

XO Amanda