I don’t condone punching people, but I thought this was too funny!
Some days we just need a bit of a pick-me-up!
Thank goodness for Pinterest and inspiring and humorous quotes on days like these! Sometimes we all need are words of inspiration, maybe even affirmation to remind us we are on the right path or that our self worth is important. Some days life has a way of getting us down, but I’m convinced there is always a reason…some means to the madness and confusion of every day. On days like this we reach out to good & true friends. The ones who always tell you the truth and are there with a cupcake and a party hat (and maybe some wine) when they know life is getting you down. You girls know who you are :).
Lately my life has taken lots of twists and turns and at times has veered down a road or two I didn’t expect. Sometimes I have to take life off cruise control and steer my Ferrari (haha kidding) back on track. Do you know what I mean? So I’m always on the hunt for words of wisdom and inspiration. 
I’m not a super religious individual, but I saw a picture pop up on Facebook today of God and a little girl and I found the message pretty powerful. God is holding a giant stuffed teddy bear behind his back, while the little girl is standing in front of him with a miniature version of the same bear. God holds out his hand and asks the little girl to hand over her stuffed toy saying “Just trust me” and she apprehensively says “But I love it God.” Sometimes we have to give up certain things in life so that bigger and better things can happen. Trusting that something much more fulfilling is coming our way.
Soon I’d like to write a follow-up to my Resolutions post from the beginning of the year. To my surprise this post was read more than any other I’ve ever written and it made me realize that sometimes you have to connect with people on a level that is deeper than the surface. Makeup is only skin deep right? So stay tuned for how well I’ve stuck to my resolutions and some of the new things going on in my little life. Some are great and some are still very much a work in progress. 
BUT for now I’m focused on Friday. So grab your party hat, some peplum, your fanciest heels and some lipstick and let’s party (reference last quote)!
FYI all quotes/photos are from Pinterest.
XO Amanda