April Favorites

I hate saying “boy the month flew by,” because I’m pretty sure that is how every favorites post and YouTube video starts, BUT seriously, April came and went in the blink of an eye. I feel like I just posted by favorites and here we are again. I’m not too sad though, because I love sharing my favorites and I have some new ones this month (including drugstore items).
If you’ve been following my blog for quite a while, you’ll notice I always pick 10 items (except last month hah). I’m not quite sure why I picked the number 10, but I did and it stuck so there you go!
1. NYX Contour & Highlight Palette
I am so impressed with this palette by NYX! I purchased this palette and the Anastasia Contour Kit at the same time. I wanted to see which was better and I didn’t plan on keeping both. The Anastasia is $40 and the NYX is $25. The pans are the same size and in NYX’s version you get 8 colors, while Anastasia’s only offers 6. Now don’t get me wrong Anastasia’s is still beautiful, but I like the smooth consistency of this drugstore version. It seems like better coverage, blends well and it’s $15 cheaper! I highly recommend this product.
2. Dior Fluid Serum Foundation
Okay so here is how I stumbled upon this amazing foundation. I went into Sephora specifically for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation (which you can read about below). Unfortunately, the Sephora I went to doesn’t carry it, so I asked to color match. The sales associate brought over the Dior Fluid Serum and the minute I tested it on the back of my hand I was sold. It is the most luxurious, velvety feeling foundation I’ve ever used. It takes very little for great coverage that dries beautifully very quickly. Very little powder is needed and my face stayed fairly matte all day. Go try it! I bought shade 020.

3. Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation
If you’re makeup obsessed I’m sure you’ve heard about this foundation time and time again. It’s a favorite for anyone whose ever tried it and very high quality. I honestly can’t say which I prefer over the Dior or the Armani. The Armani is equally luminous and also takes a small amount to cover the face. I purchased color 5, but I think I may need 5.25 (5.5 was too dark). I prefer my foundation slightly lighter and then I use bronzer and contour to match my spray tan.

4. Chanel Mascara
Worth every penny. If I could only purchase one mascara forever (other than the Dior Addict Lash that I rave about alllll the time) I would choose this one. Not because it’s a luxury product, but because it’s so thickening and lengthening and amazing. The wand doesn’t look like anything special and I used to think high-end mascaras were a joke, but I was very wrong. This is my go to for every day full top lashes.

5. Flower Bomb Perfume
Love. Love. Love. I’m actually glad I bought the rollerball, because now I can take it with me everywhere and it it allows me to place the scent exactly where I want it. Smells like a dream.

6. Shellac Mint Convertible Gel Polish
Recently I had my acrylic nails put back on. It is a little bit of a pain to redo them every two weeks, but for those two weeks I don’t have to worry about my nails chipping or the color fading. I get a thin layer of acrylic and gel polish on top. The color literally doesn’t move. I’ve been loving the colors in the salon from Shellac. Yesterday I chose Mint Convertible which is a beautiful mint green (much lighter than the bottle). My other favorites are blush teddy, a beautiful baby pink and Salmon Run, a pretty peach.

7. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
I wasn’t too into eye creams until about a year ago. I received a sample of Origins eye cream from Sephora and fell in love. It has shimmery properties and really does wake up the under eye skin. My sweet grandmother bought me the full size for Easter and I’m confident the container will last me forever. A little goes a long way.

8. Sugar Pop Eye Palette
I’ve mentioned this eye palette several times. Originally I just wanted it for the macaron packaging, but I’ve received so many compliments when using the colors from this palette. I haven’t used the bright colors much yet, but love the neutrals and orange. I think it’s worth the money and a palette worthy of anyone’s collection. I’m not a palette collector, as I don’t use eye shadow enough, but this one is amazing and a good size for travel.

9. YSL Gloss Volupte 

I was putting this gloss on at work today (I have color 20) and I thought to myself, “I love this gloss.” It smells like candy, as do all YSL products and glides on like silk. The shimmery properties are gorgeous, but not too in your face. It’s definitely not long wearing, but that’s the give and take of a less sticky gloss. I don’t mind though, because I love reapplying!

10. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato
My summer Starbucks drink is a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra extra caramel drizzle (it makes a difference!). It’s refreshing and sweet with just the right amount of coffee taste. If I could afford to drink one every day (maybe twice a day) I absolutely would!

Happy May – I sure hope this means the April showers are gone! Bring on that springtime weather.
XO Amanda