Simple Micellar Water
Sorry this post is going up so late today! It has been one of those weeks (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday), but I’ve been playing catch up since I got into work this week. Last night I went straight home and napped on my couch before I went to bed haha – so the post just had to wait.
As I was getting ready for bed last night I realized I have yet to talk about Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water. I saw this product on YouTube and wanted to give it a try. My usual makeup removing routine involves 1) MAC makeup wipe and/or MAC cleanse off oil  2) cleanser  3) toner  4) moisturizer  5) eye cream.  Not long ago my MAC makeup wipes ran out so I’ve been using the Micellar Water in it’s place. And I love it!
The best part – you don’t have to rinse! (I need to find this in a travel size)
I have very sensitive skin and this has not broken me out once. I use a cotton round (or two or three) and deposit a good amount of product onto the pad. My makeup glides right off with little effort, with the exception of my eyes. I use a lot of mascara so I still use my cleanse off oil to safely and gently remove all of my eye makeup. 
This product also claims to hydrate which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a chance to moisturize. Plus it’s filled with multi-vitamins! I really recommend and think everyone should give this a try. I purchased my first bottle from Target for $6.99, but you can also get it at CVS for $7.99. It is a dollar more, but on my last trip it was buy one get one half off so I didn’t feel so bad!
XO Amanda