Oh the #selfie!
Probably a controversial subject…some love them, some hate them, some want to learn how to achieve them, some think  they are conceited, some think they are dumb, some probably don’t care. BUT, for those of you who embrace the #selfie and see the fun in taking them (and who love to work out), this is the contest for you!
I’ve posted twice before about the BurnThis app, which I am an ambassador for. It’s really a great app for fitness inspiration and for motivating those who are on the road to achieving their fitness goals. You don’t have to be a model and you don’t have to be a size 0. It’s all about feeling good & happy! 
If you know me, my blog, my Instagram, my BurnThis profile, you’ll know I do embrace the #selfie life. To be honest, it isn’t because i want everyone to “look at me,” but because I don’t have a personal photographer to follow me around every day – wouldn’t that be wonderful! So the only way I can share makeup looks, hair styles and clothes is to take them myself :). AND if you’ve seen my posts you’ll probably attest to the fact that they aren’t exactly sweaty or gritty. Usually because I don’t sweat in Pure Barre class (unless the thermostat is set wrong hah).
The BREAK YOUR SELFIE challenge by BurnThis and Reebok is all about posting a non-traditonal selfie after a grueling, tiring workout. Showing that hard work isn’t always “pretty” and hard work in the gym means your face is red, your hair is messy and you probably look exhausted. It’s a great testament to how hard you can push yourself to produce the gains and losses you are after.
SO I am going to challenge YOU and MYSELF to join BurnThis and post a #BREAKYOURSELFIE photo. Plus you’ll have a chance to win $500 from Reebok and a pair of customized shoes! That’s a sweat sweet deal!
The challenge runs from June 5 – July 3
Details here & here
My family and friends and followers reading this are probably thinking “yeah right” and “good luck” because they know these aren’t the type of pictures I usually post (refer to the photo at the top), but I’m going to give it a shot! I will probably have to make myself run on the treadmill or out in the 90+ degree weather, but I’m motivated to make it happen! Can’t wait to share!
Have a wonderful Friday and make sure to check out BurnThis and the contest!
XO Amanda