Luxury Wish List

So…a girl can dream right?!

This isn’t just any wish list (aka the Lexus above), but a wish list of items that give me inspiration to save my money. I think it’s always a good idea to have a list of big purchases you aspire to buy at one point in your life…even if you never actually get them. Some of these things aren’t that out of the question, like the swim suit and perfume, and others, like the car and Louis Vuitton travel makeup bags are a little (a lot) more out of reach at the moment.

The item I’m saving for first? The David Yurman ring! So many of my girlfriends have them in all different colors and I always find myself drooling over their finger candy. I still can’t decide what color I would buy so I’ve placed the diamond-like one above. I’m big on my jewelry always matching my attire.

The gorgeous gold poof is from Lulu & Georgia, one of my favorite home decor sites. They have the prettiest items (furniture, prints, etc.) and I think this poof would be an awesome addition to the home decor I already have. And great for extra guest seating! The brush I’ve featured above is from Tom Ford and they are probably some of the most expensive you will find, but from what I’ve heard, they are some of the best and most luxurious. Again, not a purchase I will be making any time soon.

I’d love to know what things are on your luxury wish list!

XO Amanda