Lately, I’ve been loving the dewy, illuminated, glow-from-within look. To achieve this I’ve been using several illuminators or products with reflective, illuminating properties. I never thought to put a highlighter under my foundation until watching a recent YouTube video. The girl put Benefit’s High Beam under her foundation and I had a light bulb moment! I’ve owned High Beam for quite some time but have never really used it. Not because it isn’t beautiful, but because I hate putting a liquid highlight over my foundation. I feel like it breaks up the product and ruins that flawless finish. If you own High Beam you must try this! I put a swipe on the top of both cheeks, my nose, my cupids bow and my chin. The result is beautiful!

I’ve also been using Dior’s Maximizer Primer, MAC’s Strobe Cream and NYX’s Liquid Illuminator to achieve the same finish (not all at the same time obviously). I do use Dior’s primer along with another illuminator many times since it primes the face as well. To me, it doesn’t overdo the glow, because once you apply your foundation your face won’t look so shiny.

I hope you have a happy hump day! Is anyone else ecstatic for the weekend already? I cannot wait for some relaxation! I was out of Pure Barre for several days (okay two weeks) and I can barely move. No more work out breaks for this girl! 

XO Amanda