Loving Tan Routine

I recently ordered Loving Tan (self tanning mousse) after hearing many, many YouTubbers rave about it. I figured it had to be good if that many people were talking about it. AND Jaclyn Hill, my most trusted source for beauty info, endorsed it, giving it two thumbs up so I was sold! I’ve almost gone through my first bottle, because I’ve been really obsessed and have already ordered a second as a back up. The first time I used the code “jaclyn” and got a free back tanning device – actually super helpful as there is always a weird area of my back that I can never reach – and the second time I used the code “alex” (Alexandrea Garza – you can watch her Loving Tan routine here) and got a free applicator mitt. AND no shipping so not so bad! 
I self tan allllll the time. I work too much during the nice parts of the day where tanning is even an option and sadly don’t have that many opportunities to go to the lake/beach/pool on the weekends. SO instead I tan at home which gives me the ability to be tan all year long. I used to spray tan with either a person or a booth, but it was becoming too expensive. Originally I was devoted to St. Tropez’s 3-hour tanning mousse, but after trying Loving Tan I doubt I’ll ever go back (sorry St. Tropez!). 
Above I’ve featured some items I feel are necessary for a flawless sunless tan. Don’t be too hard on yourself at first! It’s a process that takes a lot of practice and trust me I’ve had some very interesting self tanning mistakes on my feet and hands numerous times. I will list below all of the products I feel are helpful and also the steps I use. I will also be linking Jaclyn Hill’s Self Tanning Routine as it’s the best one I’ve ever watched! If I meet her one day I will be so star struck I will probably forget my name. She’s amazing, seriously, go subscribe to her channel!
Items Needed for Beautiful Sunless Tan
Exfoliator (Sugar or Body Scrub)
Loofa or Exfoliating Mitt
Body Lotion
Makeup Brush – Synthetic Top
Self Tanning Mitt
Body Butter (Love! The Body Shop)
The Day Before
I like to shower, shave, exfoliate, and moisturize the day before I’m going to self tan (or you could do this in the morning if that’s your routine). You want to make sure you have freshly shaved legs (and whatever other areas you choose) so that the self tanner doesn’t stick to the hair follicles.  This will keep you from having to shave right away which can take off some of the color. It is very important to exfoliate the dead skin and old tanner before applying a fresh coat. I have a special exfoliating mitt (from Sephora) that I put my body wash on and then rub all over my body. You can also use a loofa if you prefer! Once I get out of the shower I moisturize so that my skin is nice and prepped for tanning the next day. NEVER moisturize your body right before self tanning. The color won’t adhere and you’ll waste product.
The Day Of
I usually don’t moisturize at all on days I’m sunless tanning. The Loving Tan product that I’ve used is a 2-hour mousse (dark) which is awesome because you can achieve a gorgeous tan in a very short amount of time. This is perfect if you are impatient or have somewhere to go. OR you can be like me and sleep in it so that the color is as dark as possible. Once home from work I will throw up my hair and proceed to tan. For all of the next steps – and why you need a synthetic makeup brush and lotion – watch Jaclyn’s video below. It’s much easier to watch than for me to try and explain in writing. But if you have any questions let me know! 
P.S. I like using a body butter once I’ve showered off my excess tanner, because it moisturizes longer and guarantees a longer lasting color.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy tanning!
XO Amanda