My beautiful friend Kylie and I decided to road trip for the fourth to see our adorable & sweet friend Morgan. Morgan used to live in my apartment building and we hit it off automatically thanks to our mutual friends and her super cute pup – Tutu and Heidi became gal pals right off the bat! Sadly, Morgan moved away a little over a year ago to Charleston, SC. I don’t get to see her near enough, but I was ecstatic to make a Fourth of July visit – plus I’ve only been to Charleston once!
As soon as we arrived (we stayed at one of Morgan’s friend’s house) we were greeted warmly and with the utmost hospitality. We got to place all of our bags and snacks in an elevator (so cool right?!) so that we didn’t have to carry it all upstairs. Refreshments were quickly made and we headed off for some Mexican food. Quesadillas & margs were consumed while we all caught up on anything and everything new in our lives. After, we drove back to the house for some girl time and primping while drinking some yummy mimosas…seriously Casa Hospitality! For the night’s activities we Ubered (my first time) downtown to a very swanky restaurant/bar. I got to meet lots of new people and made several lovely new friends! 
Our last stop for the night was an awesome bar called Black Sheep. The music was so much fun and we danced and danced and danced until we finally called it a night. Always good to dance off some calories before a bikini day at the beach! 
DAY 2 – The Fourth!

The next day we woke up bright and early! Okay…some of us woke up bright and early – I loveee to sleep. The weather was beautiful and I caught a beautiful picture of the American flag hanging outside the house. The perfect 4th of July photo :). Our breakfast consisted of french toast, omelets, and fresh fruit. The best meal possible before a day at the beach. Plus we all got to sit family style at the table, enjoying each other’s company – isn’t the home decor gorgeous!?.
Around noon we headed out to the beach – on bikes! I haven’t ridden a bike in many years, but like they say, it’s easily picked up again. I got to ride this cute purple bicycle with a basket which came in super handy. Our ride wasn’t too long, but I definitely feel like I got my workout in for the weekend. Oh the thigh burning hah! The beach was well worth the ride and the weather was ideal. Fairly hot, but the wind blew all day keeping us nice and cool while we hung out in the water and on the sand. Luckily, no shark sightings! I seriously had major shark anxiety after watching several scary videos on Facebook. I took my chances though and survived to tell the tale!
Later in the evening, once we got cleaned up, we took our bikes to the harbor to catch a boat to watch fireworks. Unfortunately, a huge storm blew through and we couldn’t take the boat out at all. So we went next door to a beautiful restaurant with a huge deck overlooking the water! We had yummy flat bread pizza and wine while enjoying fireworks from afar. We also brought glow in the dark necklaces and rings which turned out to be such a blessing, as some of our bikes didn’t have lights hah! 
Our evening ended in relaxation back at the house where we watched some TV and got ready for the drive back home. Trips always fly by way too fast and I cannot wait to go back! Charleston is such a scenic and beautiful city [although that humidity, woah]. So nice to be near the water and to see palm trees and brightly colored shops. I’m already planning a future trip to see Miss Morgan and all our new friends!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
XO Amanda