Skin Care Routine

I’ve been asked several times on Instagram to post about my skincare routine. So here it is!
Just a quick note: I have combination skin – mostly oily just in my t-zone or if I’m in super humid weather. Unless it’s [that time of the month] or I’m insanely stressed (I live at a normal stressed level haha) I really don’t have a problem with break outs. I do have very sensitive skin so I don’t switch up my skin care routine very often and I try to use products that are dermatologist approved, with very few or no fragrances. Some of skin care is trial and error, but once you find something that works – stick to it!
Also, this is my FULL face skin care routine. On most nights I don’t do all of these steps, but I always make it a point not to sleep in my makeup – even if I sleep at a girl friends house or am traveling. 
MAC Cleanse Off Oil
This is a holy grail product for me. If you want your makeup and even waterproof mascara to slide off your face with little effort you need this in your life! I found that my cleanser was working, but wasn’t taking off all of my mascara which is one of my pet peeves – and I hate pulling and tugging on my sensitive eye area to get it all off. The cleanse off oil does the trick! IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT wet your face first. You want to apply the cleanse off oil when your face is dry in order for the makeup to emulsify. It makes a big difference.

Simple Micellar Water
After I’ve rubbed in my cleanse off oil, I take Simple’s micellar water on a cotton round and use this to remove my makeup off of my face (it usually takes at least two cotton rounds). The plus to using the micellar water is that you don’t have to rinse it off, BUT the way I use it after the cleanse off oil you really do or else your face won’t be squeaky clean.

First Aid Beauty Cleanser & Boscia Sponge
First Aid Beauty has some of the best skin care items around! Inexpensive, but still a luxury quality. They aren’t filled with fragrances or additives and they carry any and every skin care product you could need in your regimen. The cleanser goes a really long way, as it only takes a small amount to cover the whole face. Lately, I’ve been using my cleanser with my new Boscia facial sponge – so cool! The sponge is rock hard when dry, but becomes sponge-like when wet. Really gentle on the skin and great for removing excess makeup.
**I do own a Clarisonic, but I don’t use it very often. My understanding is that you need to use it consistently in order for it to be really effective, but I just haven’t managed to fit it into my normal routine.

First Aid Beauty Exfoliator (Optional)
If my skin isn’t cooperating or I plan on self tanning the next day (which is usually once a week), I will use an exfoliator to get off old tanner and dead skin. I prefer First Aid Beauty’s because it is really gentle on the skin while still doing a good job. I have a sample size and it has lasted me foreverrrr.

First Aid Beauty Moisturizer
Lastly, I always use a moisturizer before getting into bed. It keeps the skin hydrated over night and prepped for makeup in the morning. If I know I’m going to be traveling via airplane the next day I will use a thicker moisturizer like Glam Glow’s Hydrating Treatment (really good, just really pricey). First Aid Beauty’s is a great option, because it’s hydrating, but not too thick & sticky. Who wants to stick to their pillow?!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (Spot Treatment)
If I have any imperfections or can tell some are coming, I will use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – GO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW! Seriously! This is the best, best, overnight spot treatment. If your pimples or imperfections aren’t gone or reduced greatly by the next day I would be baffled. Worth every penny! Do not shake the bottle! Use a cotton swab to get the product out of the bottle and then place onto the face. It will stay white, but trust me it’ll be worth it!

If you have any other questions please let me know!
XO Amanda