Target Style

Before I left for my trip to Cali I stopped by Target to find some fringe boots I had seen on Instagram. I didn’t find the boots, but I did find some amazing shorts, dresses, sleepwear and tops! Does this happen to anyone else?! You go into Target for one specific item and come out with half the store and nothing you originally went in for?!

This was only two weeks ago so these items should still be in stock and I found most of them online! I hunted and hunted and couldn’t find all of the things, but above are some of them. I also realized that throughout the clothing section there are signs with discounts if you text a certain number and also an app where you can scan certain brands and get even more money off! It ended up saving me an additional $35.

The turquoise tassel dress above I was so thrilled to find. I’ve seen this dress on numerous bloggers and couldn’t believe I found one almost identical for $28 – And it fits really well. I was worried the sleeves wouldn’t stay off my shoulders (the model is wearing it like a traditional dress, but it’s really made to wear off the shoulder) but the material is thick enough and tight enough to not move when you move your arms around. Granted if you wave your arms up in the air it surely will hah.

The muscles and mascara top was such a great find! Target has some really cute muscle tees. Really inexpensive at $12 with great sayings. I normally wear an XS, but all they had was Small – I couldn’t really tell the difference though, as this top is made to be slightly over sized.

The lacey shorts in the right hand corner I bought in black and white, but I couldn’t find them online – they have a bright neon pink tassel!! Super comfortable – I’m pairing mine with a shorter scalloped white camisole from Nordstrom here.

The white top is beautiful! Hard to see, but it has lace detailing and the back is racerback but can still be worn with a bandeaux bra that won’t show. I’ve been pairing mine with white cut off shorts or my distressed skinny jeans. It’s light and airy for the crazy hot temps lately! And it was the perfect top for my Cali adventure where it reached 100+ degrees (I’m not complaining though, as there is little to no humidity making the heat totally bearable).

In addition to some every day items, I found some great sleep wear (which I really, really needed). I found a super cute romper with baby pom poms in the colorful print above and also in gray. I also found these white shorts with baby pom poms to pair with tank or t-shirt. I really love them, but beware they are see through – great for sleeping, not good for taking your dog out in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed! Have a fabulous day!

XO Amanda