All photos above from Pinterest.
Happy Friday Friyay!
If you’re wondering if I went on a Friday Pinterest binge last night you would be very correct. I typed in Friday Quotes and what you see above is what I got hahah! I’m a little excited that it’s almost the weekend, because I have so many fun things going on Friday-Sunday. Tonight I have a going away party for a dear friend from Pure Barre, a brunch tomorrow at a super yummy restaurant, a get together with friends Saturday night and then some exciting blog photos on Sunday (and possibly going out to the lake!). Other than that, it’ll be the usual cleaning, organizing and blogging.
I hope all of you have a gorgeous weekend! I’ll be back next week with some really fun posts and finally the GIVEAWAY! There will be hair teasing, fall finds, wish lists, tassels, jewelry, home decor and maybe another big surprise!
See you next week!
XO Amanda