Orange shirt and pink pom earrings.

Orange shirt and pink pom earrings.

Orange top with pom earrings and karen walker tortoise sunglasses.
Orange top and louis vuitton speedy 30
Orange top with pink pom earrings.
Orange top with pink pom earrings.
Orange top with a louis vuitton speedy 30.
Pink pumps and a louis vuitton speedy 30.
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Hello, Friends! 
I’m sorry there was no post yesterday. I had a pounding headache all day and decided to push Motivation Monday to Tuesday. It hurt so bad that when the Tylenol didn’t work I ended up in bed with a bag of frozen veggies on my head haha. Justin was so sweet and made up a clean bed and put me in it to watch The Incredibles with an apple pie from McDonald’s lol. 
Since we’re in the middle of Monday and Wednesday I decided today’s post would be one part fashion, one part confidence, all about how to wear the color orange. Working as a stylist, I’ve realized a lot of people are scared to wear the color orange or feel like they can’t pull it off. So I thought I’d put an outfit together with one of my favorite orange tops (it’s from Stitch Fix so I linked three very similar versions) that I, personally, feel comfortable in and that makes me feel confident. I’ve talked about it previously, in my post on how your wardrobe can change your mood, but different hues can affect you in different ways. Make you feel happy, blue, hungry, angry…you get the idea. 
So what I decided to do was take an orange top with detailing and a shape I adore, and paired it with two of my favorite pink pieces (FYI pink is my favorite color). I’ve always loved the color combo but honestly, don’t know if I’ve ever worn them in an outfit together. My pink pom earrings even have the same shade of orange so it was a match made in heaven! Btw I have torn earlobes and can only wear very light earrings and I can wear this statement pair for hours on end with no discomfort. My pink suede pumps make a sweet statement and are sooo comfortable. There’s nothing better than a cute shoe you can wear alll day or night long. I added on a distressed skinny jean to keep the outfit casual and topped it off with neutral oversized tortoise sunglasses and a satchel
So my suggestion to you if you’re scared of wearing a certain color or incorporating bright hues into your wardrobe? Pair it with coordinating pieces you already love! And adding a smile never hurt!
Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll see you tomorrow for another Wear It Wednesday.
XO Amanda