I’m Amanda



The Blog

Pardon Muah was created to inspire and connect fashion and beauty lovers alike. A blog about feeling beautiful and seeking style while also gaining a sense of self-confidence. Because outer beauty means so very little if the inside doesn’t radiate in a similar fashion. Here you’ll find a lot of pink, a dash of femininity, a splash of sparkle, and a blog designed to make you feel good inside and out. 

Need help putting together a trendy, casual outfit? On the hunt for a great shampoo & conditioner? Desire a motivational pick me up? Well, you’re in the right place! My desire is that Pardon Muah will always be inclusive, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to read, - while filled with worthwhile content. I hope you’ll leave feeling better & brighter than when you arrived!  

Pardon Muah was born in June of 2014, as a hobby after I moved away from home after college. It originally served solely as a creative outlet outside of my full-time job but slowly flourished into something with much more of a purpose. In 2016, I decided to focus not only on fashion and beauty, but also on life experiences I felt could help others in their journey of confidence and self-love. Opening up about my lifelong struggle with anxiety and how it has shaped me as a person and a professional.

I felt there was a void in the industry of real, relatable content that paired well with the clothing, and the makeup, and the accessories. I decided Pardon Muah needed a mission, and that mission would be to make all readers feel beautiful, capable, smart, and most of all, welcome. To learn to effortlessly throw together a chic outfit, find the perfect gloss, and to also feel empowered and confident in themselves.



Amanda here. Full-time fashion blogger. I’m a southern girl at heart who hardly ever says “you all” and much prefers “y’all.” I love all things neutral with a splash of sparkle and pink. I recently moved home to Kentucky (after eight years away) where I now live with my sweet (& very spoiled) Morkie pup Heidi.

My background: I’m a University of Kentucky graduate with undergraduate degrees in Marketing & Management, and a Masters in Healthcare Administration. I’m also a proud Delta Zeta Sorority alum! After graduate school, I moved to Virginia to pursue a management job in healthcare marketing where I stayed for almost three years before moving to Sacramento, California. There, I worked with a home health tech start-up as both a marketing manager and an education administrator. In those four years, I also worked as a Pure Barre instructor and part-time for Stitch Fix as a stylist.