August Favorites

1 || Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Coconut
Okay ya’ll this is the coolest beauty product! I’ve been using this for over a month and I’d say this will be a consistent repurchase from now until whenever! This is a body lotion you put on wet before you towel dry. It’s amazing how much quicker & easier it is to use than regular body lotion. I normally also use my body butter, but if I don’t have time the wet skin moisturizer is usually good enough for keeping my skin feeling nice and soft!

2 || Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappachino (no whip)
This is my favorite Starbucks drink of all time! That’s all I have to say :).

3 || Ray Ban Aviators Magenta
I looked at these sunglasses for a long time before purchasing. I happened to be shopping one day and spotted them in my local Sunglass Hut and once I tried them on it was all over. And thank goodness for the wonderful sales associate there who molded the frames perfectly to my face so that they don’t slide down my nose. I can say with absolute certainty I’ve gotten my money’s worth and rarely wear any other sunglasses now. Most likely I will retire these during the winter and bring them back out in 2016.

4 || My New Hair Cut
I have to say “Thank You!” to all of you who have reached out with such sweet comments about my new hair cut. I wasn’t sure if people would respond positively, but everyone has been so kind and so sweet!

5 || Make Up For Ever Bronzer
This bronzer definitely took me by surprise. It wasn’t a planned purchase and if I hated it then I planned on returning it to my local Sephora. I own too many products to keep things I don’t love. But it’s really beautiful! I got M20 and the color on my skin tone is very natural and very build able. It also has a nice sheen so it leaves the skin looking bronzed AND glowy.

6 || Glam Glow Thirsty Mud 
This is a cult favorite for a reason. Such an amazing overnight moisturizer and it smells like a yummy beach vacation. I purchased the travel size for now, because I didn’t want to spend the money for the full size, but it’s really worth every penny. It keeps the skin moisturized but not sticky and is best used before going to bed. Your skin will wake nice and refreshed!

7 || Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation
I used this foundation consistently during college. I use to wear 115 and now I wear 128 – thank goodness for self tanner hahah! They have reformulated and changed the bottle since and I can tell the difference. If you want a foundation that gives amazing coverage without having to use too much product this is the one. My coworker even mentioned that my skin looked smoother last week! I’ll give Make Up For Ever the credit.

8 || NARS Lip Gloss [Chelsea Girls]
NARS lipgloss Chelsea Girls has gotten a lot of hype on YouTube and it was originally sold in a small tub. I never gave it much attention because I hate dipping my fingers into product – it gets stuck under my acrylic nails and drives me crazy. BUT, recently I saw on Instagram that Chelsea Girls was now sold in a normal lip gloss tube and I snatched one up right away. And seriously such a universally wonderful nude color. It’s darker than my usual glosses with more of a rosey hue, but it looks fantastic. I love that it’s something different from the norm, but not too dark.

9 || Lush Clothing
This will come as no surprise to those of who who follow my Instagram (pardonmuahinsta). It probably seems like I’m a spokesperson for Lush (I’m not). I just really love their pieces and how versatile they are. The fabrics are very forgiving and most work well for work or downtime. And they come at a very reasonable price point. I’ve purchased all my tops from Nordstrom, but recently found out TJ Maxx sells this brand too (at a big discount).

10 || Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer 
I’ve talked about this concealer before and it’s a winner! I use this almost all of the time and have put my MAC Prolongwear concealer away for the time being. I originally purchased the lightest shade, but since I’ve been self tanning it’s a very stark contrast so I purchased the second lightest shade and it has made a huge difference! I still get the nice highlight that I love, but it looks more natural.

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