Welcome to Travel Series Day 2!
If you read yesterday’s post about how I cram all of my must have travel size bottles into a quart size bag, you’ll understand why I decided to purchase a powder foundation for my trip. It’s been years since I’ve used a powder formula foundation, because a lot of the time they are drying or don’t offer enough coverage, in my opinion. 
Fortunately, NARS recently came out with their All Day Luminous Powder Foundation with SPF 24 (perfect for summer vaca)! I’ve been wanting to try it out so my current trip was the perfect opportunity. The compact is relatively thin and very sleek like all NARS packaging. As you can see in the photos the product is on top and underneath is a high quality sponge. One side is made to use dry and the other wet – which is a major plus if you want greater coverage. 
I’ve been using the foundation as a dry powder. It doesn’t give me the same coverage as my liquids, but it is super easy to use and leaves my face matte and sweat proof. It’s great to use over liquid foundation too for some added color. I purchased mine in Barcelona and when I’m spray tanning I think I could go even darker (when using the product wet it does deposit a darker hue).
I would recommend this product for anyone traveling who doesn’t want to bother with the hassle of liquids or to those who want something quick and easy. It’s a great product to throw in your bag for cover ups throughout the day!
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post all about a pretty new bikini I purchased!
XO Amanda