Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet day 5 {final day}.

Formula X For Sephora Nail Polish
Cool red. This is my third Formula X nail polish and I love them! The quality and opaque colors are beautiful and some of my favorites. Thanks to Sephora for some awesome sample sizes!
Fahrenheit .4 oz

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat 
Smudge free shine in five minutes, similar to a gel-like finish.
.12 oz

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume
Violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla. Jury is definitely out on this one. I normally gravitate towards sweet scented perfumes with candy-like smells and this is very different. It’s almost cologne like and fairly strong. I wore it to bed the other night and it totally threw me off every time I smelled it. We will see, it might grow on me!
Rollerball .24 oz

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s beauty closet and I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday!

XO Amanda