I’ve gotten quite a few questions about what apps I use to edit my Instagram photos, so I figured I would share today! I’ve got it down to a science and only use a couple – although probably still over kill. You absolutely don’t have to edit your photos at all, but I think it’s a ton of fun! Above you will see the 6 photo apps I use the most. To the right is an unedited photo.

First I use Afterlight.
Once in the app I will edit the brightness, clarification, contrast, theme and exposure. The extent to which I do this is different with every photo. You have to play around to find a happy medium. Currently I’m loving a more exposed, lighter look. I’m working on developing a “theme” for my Insta account, but it’s a process and I’m still trying to perfect it. 

Second I use Facetune.
After I use Afterlight I will open up Facetune – probably my favorite editing app. You can do all sorts of things, even change the shape of your face! I use Facetune primarily to bring out details in my photos. Once I lighten my photos with the previous app, it can cause details and colors to fade/blur. Swiping over those items brings back their clarity,while leaving everything else light and bright. I also use whiten to bring a true white color to items that appear more yellow or dingy. This also brings about a very bright & white theme – and you can have VERY white teeth!
Sometimes I use Picfx.
A lot of people have asked where the light effect can be found and I’ve always used Picfx, although there are probably others that offer a similar feature. Pickax offers lots of other filters too. If you click on Light Set it will give you all of the light effect options. 
IntaCollage is what I use when I edit my photos side my side, most commonly when I flip a photo and it mirrors itself. When you are in the app simply click on the photo use have selected and “flip” will be an option. You an even “flop” things upside down hah! I normally expand the frame of my collage so that there isn’t any white space on the boarder or in between.

Lastly, I open up my final photo in Squaready so that I can place a white border around the photo. You can also do this in Afterlight, but my habit is to use Squaready! From here you can send the photo straight to Instagram —> follow PARDONMUAHINSTA 🙂 (I rarely use any of Instagram’s filters).
If you have any questions let me know! It’s sort of hard to explain all of this through photos and words and there’s no perfect science to photo editing. You really have to take your time and play around with your photos to see what you like best. 
Happy, happy Friday! Hopefully you all have fun plans for the weekend. I have a get together tomorrow and the rest of the weekend I plan to spend cleaning out my apartment for my move. I don’t move for another 2 months, but you can never be too prepared and I’m just so excited! I’m long overdo for a change of scenery and some new furniture. I hate to wish time away, but hurry up October!
XO Amanda