Good Morning Friends!

I’ve been struggling with one of my goals and I feel like if I share it with you then I’ll be held much more accountable. This goal and hope is to become more of a morning person. Even a little bit of a morning person. Ever since I can remember I’ve hated waking up. I try to blame it on all sorts of things like low blood pressure, poor sleep, eating before bed, and Heidi gets a lot of blame for her restless leg syndrome when I make exceptions and let her sleep in the bed. At this point I’ve come to the conclusion I need to force myself to get over it and get up, and I feel like that starts with a new routine. I actually stuck to my “new morning” plan the other day and it really did help! So here it is:

Write in my Five-Minute Journal // Lately, I’ve been horrible about keeping up with my Five-Minute Journal. It’s a journal designed to motivate your mind in a positive way each morning when you wake up and each night when you go to bed. It takes five minutes or less and is a great way to think about your tasks for the day and remembering what you are grateful for. I highly recommend if you’re in to this sort of thing!
Take out Heidi // The most urgent task each & every morning. Letting Heidi out of her crate is similar to letting the horses out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby. Surprising and quick, like she never wants to go back again. Any time I tell her it’s time to go “night night” she backs away and runs for the hills. Luckily, she sleep silently all night long! And luckily she makes this morning task quick and easy.
Drink water // This may sound simple, but I think it’s important to hydrate right away when you wake up. Especially in these winter months when you sleep with the heat running and everything gets so dry. It’s a great way to get the body moving and is so important for your health if you take any medications daily. I’ve found drinking a bottle of water is quite easy paired with my next task!
Work out // One of my biggest reasons for wanting to get up earlier is to work out before going into the office. I find that it’s so hard to find the motivation at the end of the day and I hate leaving Heidi alone for so long. My body hates early work outs, but I’m not striving for high impact cardio, just an hour on the treadmill or the elliptical and some light weight lifting. I keep a Pure Barre mat in my apartment so I can easily do ab work outs at home. All I have to do is throw on my yoga pants, a t-shirt and my Nike’s and in a minute be ready to go. + I feel like less people are in the gym early so I’m not too worried about anyone judging my scarily sleepy appearance.
Make a healthy breakfast // Usually I eat in the office, which is still usually healthy. I keep Greek yogurts on standby or bagels with cream cheese + my daily cup of coffee. What I would prefer to do is whip up a quick breakfast of eggs and coffee before leaving the house so that it holds me over and keeps me satisfied longer. I’m sure I would end up eating two breakfasts, but hey, it’s the best meal of the day! 

Get ready in a leisurely fashion // I really, really dislike having to rush my routine in the morning, but it seems like more times than not that’s what I do. Usually I hit snooze so many times I end up scrambling to get out the door. So if I stick to an earlier wake up call it’ll allow me to take my time primping for work – which I love! 
Have my outfit ready to go // I like to pick out my outfits the night before or even a week of outfits on the weekend. It’s usually pretty easy to plan what I’ll wear, because I rotate the same pieces over and over and over. Black pants, neutral tops, versatile jackets and black or nude pumps. I keep an IKEA clothes rack, because I don’t have much closet space and I like to hang up my outfits the night before so I don’t have to put any thought into it in the morning. + it gives me time to take photos to share before I leave! A lot of you ask where I buy my work wear – and usually my go-to shops are Express, J.crew and H&M. I wear these items out so quickly I try to buy on sale or when there is a really good deal! I invest more in my accessories/bags since they don’t see the same wear & tear.
Leave the house on time // This is obviously a biggie! Getting out the door on time 🙂 – which usually means I can make a Starbucks run or get organized in the office before my email and phone go crazy. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I do for a living (besides aspiring to blog full time). I work in healthcare marketing, which is why you see me dress up most mornings!
Now that I’ve shared I’m hoping it’ll help me stick to my new routine and I’ll let you all know how it goes! I’m a work in progress, but maybe one day I’ll actually be able to say I’m a morning person.
XO Amanda