I took this picture of my nail polish yesterday and put it on Instagram (pardonmuahinsta) and just had to share on the blog!
I saw this color come into stores at the beginning of the summer, but didn’t pick it up since I’ve been getting acrylic/gel polish on my nails. BUT I finally broke down and bought it to wear on my toes, because I’ve been searching for the perfect blue/periwinkle ever since my coworker wore a color very similar. I love that it’s not pastel, but pretty & bright. I picked mine up at CVS, but they should have this color at any store that sells Essie polish – especially since it’s still relatively new. 
The color is Bikini So Teeny – the cutest polish name ever! I feel like I need to paint my nails, sip a sweet cocktail and go to the beach. How nice that would be! 
Also, if you’re wondering about my tassel bracelet, I have a special GIVEAWAY coming! I had planned to do it this week, but I’m waiting for another jewelry piece from the collection to come in – so be on the lookout soon! I can’t wait!
XO Amanda