Day One
Nikki & I took a road trip to Georgetown in DC for her birthday this past weekend. We stopped along the way at the most beautiful rest stop you’ve ever seen. It was surrounded by mountains and all of the leaves were changing. So of course we had to take a birthday selfie.

We stayed at the Avenue Suites in Georgetown and it was a really pretty, modern hotel. The lobby offered fruit infused water, a swanky restaurant, beautiful seating and a fireplace. Our room was fantastic, because it had an office/living room, large bedroom & bath and a kitchen!
I had to capture this picture! I met one of my fellow Delta Zeta’s (one of Nikki’s close friends who came on the trip – all three of us are DZ’s) and we were wearing almost identical shoes! Hers are on the left from Sperry and mine are the pair on the right from Vince Camuto.
How cute is this tassel garland from Target?!

Okay, so I was really impressed with myself and my gift wrap. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get Nikki for her birthday so I went to browse at a local boutique. I spotted this pink cheetah catch all tray in their back room and had to have it! I filled it with hot pink filler, bubble gum jelly beans in a honey bear (they have these at Fresh Market), an Eos pink lotion and a mug from Ashley Brooke Designs that says “More Sugar!”

As a surprise, Nikki made us all party favors – bubble gum filled picture mason jars! Thanks Nikki!
We even had flash tattoos and some fun jewels.
After we got settled we headed over to Trader Joes, conveniently across the street, to get breakfast for the next day and any snacks we thought we would want. In the end Nikki and I took bags of food home hah…which wasn’t so bad since I didn’t have to grocery shop when I got back on Sunday. Also, I had never been to Trader Joes before and OMG! So wonderful and so affordable! 
If we needed any more sugar, Nikki brought along a candy bar for us to snack on while we had a chick flick marathon the first night. No joke, we put on our pjs at 4pm and ordered in dinner & dessert Crepes from Crepe & Cream (highly recommend – they also have amazing hot chocolate!).

Day Two

If you love macarons you will LOVE this macaron shop in downtown Georgetown called Olivia. My favorite? Passion Fruit or Raspberry.

Saturday night is when we went all out for Halloween! Costumes from right to left: A League of Their Own (costume winner), Devil, Scuba Diver, Gum Ball Machine, Piñata (this took so much time and so much glue hah – we visited CVS several times – the result was awesome!). 
Day Three
On our last day in Georgetown we went to brunch with some of Nikki’s family at the Peacock Cafe. I had a breakfast sandwich croissant with bacon and coffee and left incredibly satisfied. I ended up wearing my favorite faux fur vest again – it’s already a November favorite.
Sadly, we had to say goodbye after brunch so that everyone could head home. We dropped one off down the street, one off at the train station headed to NYC, one to the airport headed to Orlando and then Nikki and I were off back down South. It was so wonderful to meet all of Nikki’s friends – that I can now call my friends too! Such a beautiful group inside and out, and not to mention smart and motivated. My mom always told me your judged by the company you keep and these girls are the best company I could ask for!
XO Amanda