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It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked about blushes so I thought I would rummage through my makeup collection for my favorites. I quickly realized 90% of them are baby pink so I decided to keep today’s post in the same color family. Some of you may not like light pink blushes or they may be too light for your skin tone, so I promise to put up the other 10% of my collection that are coral, rose gold, mauve, etc. very soon. 
For those of you who do like a pink flush, you’ll love today’s post! In case the links don’t take you straight to the right color I will list them here:
1 // Hourglass Luminous Flush
Best for a range of skin tones! I’ve recommended this lately to several friends and they have been very happy with their purchase. It’s much more pigmented than it looks (in a good way).
2 // YSL Blush Volupte #4
Worth the $$$$. This may be my favorite blush of all time. And I’ve had it for quite a while and you cannot even tell I’ve put a dent in it. I doubt I will ever have to repurchase.
3 // Benefit Dandelion
Very light. Great if you like just a touch of color. Beware if you have a more tan complexion this might make the skin look ashy or washed out.
4 // Givenchy It Girl Purple
Great pigment! I don’t hear a lot of people talk about Givenchy’s blushes, but they are really pretty! I even wore this one for a photo shoot and it showed up beautifully. Color is build able.
5 // Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush Candy Glow
Cutest packaging. (does not smell like candy – sigh)
6 // Dior Rosy Glow
Changes color depending on your skin tone. Much like the lip balms that tint the lips. On me it shows up as a light pink, which I love!
7 // Tarte Amazonian Clay Flush
12-hour, long wearing. Great shade of pink!
8 // MAC Just A Wisp
Very, very light pink. MAC’s mineralize blushes are amazing – even if you don’t like this light of a color you should definitely give a different one a try! The sheen they give the skin is gorgeous!
9 // NARS Gaiety
Guru favorite. This is the only one I don’t own, but I’ve heard it’s super pretty and the NARS blushes I do own have a fantastic color payoff. 
I hope this is helpful to those of you who love pink and love blush. I apologize there aren’t any drugstore versions, but I haven’t found any that I feel are worth the money. If you have any recommendations please let me know!
XO Amanda