It’s almost Friday and that is always something to celebrate! So let’s talk about blush shall we?
I finally broke down and decided I wanted to depot some of my MAC blushes. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a pro as I ended making my hands bleed, dented some metal and lost a bit of product. Thank goodness for You Tube videos, but let’s be serious, it’s harder than it looks. Luckily, I managed to get the job done and have a beautiful palette to show for it {minus one empty spot}. It’s no secret I love shades of pink for my cheeks. Light pink, purple-like pink, sparkly pink, strawberry pink, I could go on and on. 
The shades featured above in order are Emphasize {an amazing under eye setting powder}, Pink Swoon, Peony Petal, Peaches and Full of Joy {an incredible light purple}. Pink Swoon & Peaches are great shades for numerous skin tones. Peony Petal & Full of Joy on the other hand are better for more fair complexions. Although pigmented they apply as very light shades. Emphasize, which is a sculpting powder, is definitely a staple of a girl’s makeup collection and makes your highlight stand out beautifully.
Like I said, there’s still one spot to fill, so it looks like an excuse to go shopping!
XO Amanda