Bootie Beauty

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Hello Monday! Hello Fabulous Week!

Bootie season is officially in full swing! I have seen more amazing booties this season than ever before and it’s so hard to choose which ones to buy. I will buy one pair and then I see another five pairs I feel like I can’t live without. I’ve accumulated quite a few so I hope they stay in style forever!

I picked some popular styles above that I think you’ll like. I own pair three (very similar to one) and five (they run true to size and are great for a more narrow foot). The Vince Camuto bootie (five) is now price matched at Nordstrom 30% off! I searched and searched and searched for the perfect leather bootie to wear under my flared jeans. Some were too big, some too small, some really uncomfortable and finally I found this pair and love them! They look awesome under my jeans and the heel height is perfect AND they look great worn with skinny jeans, thanks to the cut criss cross detailing and buckle. Quick note: if you have a wider foot these may be uncomfortable.

I’m drooling over bootie two in black. I have one pair of black suede booties, but they have seen better days – so these are next on my list! I haven’t tried them on, but I’ve tried on the taller version and they are really, really comfortable! Plus, the fringe moves around when you walk, making them even more fun. Bootie six is another I haven’t tried, but it’s been super popular all over the blogging world since Nordstrom’s anniversary sale so I would assume they are pretty comfy and they look awesome on!

I hope everyone had a long, relaxing weekend. I spent Thursday – Sunday moving from one apartment to another and boy am I exhausted! In my mind it wasn’t going to be so much work, but oh I was wrong. This is the first move I’ve done by myself and my arms and body hurt – a lot! I did have help with the big furniture (thank goodness). But, in the end, I got everything into my new home, although a complete mess at the moment – it’s driving me crazy. I went from four closets to one (yes, you heard me right, ONE). So I will be spending my week Pinteresting storage ideas for small spaces and am hoping my family takes some boxes off my hands when they come this weekend with my new furniture. Even though it’s unorganized at the moment, I’m super excited about my new space. It’s much cozier and homey than my last and I think Heidi is finally settling in.

Have a wonderful Monday filled with coffee, lipstick and lots of smiles :)!

XO Amanda