For all of you low & high maintenance women, you need this brow gel. This is one of the best, yet easiest products in my beauty arsenal. I received mine in a Sephora Favorites kit and have used it every day since. Every day ladies & gents!
Yes, I do own gels and powders that match the color of my brows, but I’ll be honest I just don’t have time for all that shaping and brushing every morning…and I know the brow gurus everywhere are shaking their heads saying, “Oh, girl no you didn’t.” But it’s true. Plus, I have dark, shaped eyebrows genetically so they really don’t need much thickening or accentuating. 
One of the most appealing features of this product is the staying power. Your brows won’t move! They stay tamed and brushed all day long and it doesn’t feel stiff or sticky.
If you don’t have this brow gel – you need it!
XO Amanda